Conference Speaker Schedule

MCLEAN1162_78Marion Toepke McLean CNM, FNP attended her first birth as primary midwife in August 1971. She received her nursing degree from Pacific Lutheran University in 1966 and her midwifery and family nurse practitioner degree from Frontier Nursing Service in 1974. From 1976 through 2001 she did home, clinic and hospital births, while also working as a family nurse practitioner.  In June 2000 she completed a BA in International Studies at the University of Oregon, with concentrated studies on Mexico.  She lives in Eugene, Oregon, and is a contributing editor to Midwifery Today.

Hart2013_w78Gail Hart, midwife. Gail graduated from a midwifery training program as a Certified Practical Midwife in 1977. She has held a variety of certifications over the years; she was a Certified Midwife through the Oregon Midwifery Council, and an LDEM in the state of Oregon. Gail is strongly interested in ways to holistically incorporate evidence-based medical knowledge with traditional midwifery understanding.

jill78sunny_JanJill Cohen, RN lives in Mill City Oregon with her son and her daughter. She works at Santiam hospital where she is a highly respected registered nurse in medical, surgical, emergency and obstetrics/gynecology. After practicing as a lay midwife for 20 years, she returned to school to get a nursing degree. She is an associate editor of Midwifery Today magazine.

robertaRoberta Ortiz is a Lactation Educator/Full Circle Doula (Oglala Souix/Yomba Shashone) currently residing in Portland, Oregon. Roberta founded the Oregon Inter-Tribal Breastfeeding Coalition in September 2013. She has brought together innovative partners, including Portland State University Senior Capstone students and faculty members, to support and develop coalition initiatives and digital outreach materials.

8933460_origDaphne Singingtree  has practiced midwifery for over 30 years and is now retired from clinical practice. Her heritage includes Lakota from the Standing Rock Tribe, and she has been recognized as a Medicine Woman by the White Bear Medicine Society. She is the author of the Birthsong Midwifery Workbook, The Emergency Guide to Obstetric Complications, and Training Midwives: A Guide for Preceptors. She was a founder and a board member of the Midwifery Education and Accreditation Council, served on the Oregon State Board of Direct Entry Midwifery and was the chair of the Education Committee for the Midwives Alliance of North America.

DSC07842Eneyda Spradlin-Ramos is a Vancouver Washington birth attendant and massage therapist, as well as a regular speaker and organizer at Midwifery Today conferences.